Company Overview

Thai Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok, Thailand on 17th September 1963 as an overseas subsidiary of Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. At that time, the company used the name Thai Japan Construction Company Limited and was the first Thai-Japanese joint construction company affiliated with one of Japan’s leading contractors. The name of the company was changed to Thai Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. in 1984.

As pioneers in the field of general contracting in Thailand, TNC has achieved widespread recognition in both the government and private sectors for the success of the many and diverse projects that we have undertaken; success that has been possible because of our compressive approach to project management and the high degree of professional skill that we bring to our work.

We provide the best service for our clients by responding to, understanding and translating their needs into reality. Our personalized quality service means serving our clients with sincerity, dedication and creativity. The integration of these factors into our operations is the guiding philosophy in our unwavering provision of quality service to our clients.

In the past almost 4 decades, we have completed residential, commercial, industrial and civil projects. We also undertake designing and building projects where we integrate our design function with our construction expertise to produce buildings of exceptional quality. Our vast experience and expertise in the construction industry has enabled us to achieve our mission, that is to formulate the best technical know-how and project management techniques with regard to safety, quality and on-time project completion.

Thai Nishimatsu Construction has managed public works projects, such as construction of highways in earlier times and the design and construction of factories for Japanese companies during these years.

During the past more than 50 years, we have performed numerous construction of highways in Thailand (approximately 250 km. in total), the runways at Chieng Mai Airport, and subway stations. In the late 60’s, many Japanese companies brought and invested their business in Thailand which gave Thai Nishimatsu opportunities to construct many buildings and factories, started with G.S. Steel Co., Ltd. which was the first of their investment in Thailand including the Chemical plants.

Construction Service

The company strives to achieve the above mission through professionalism, teamwork, service mindedness, value engineering, employee training, dedication, discipline and good partnership with suppliers and subcontractors. Our aim is to provide total satisfaction to our clients and this is guaranteed to our clients by our system of Total Service that is a variety of services that we provide in the realization of the client’s needs. These services comprise of the following :

Design and Build - ‘Turnkey’projects

Thai Nishimatsu’s design/build program offers clients a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence. This places all coordination in Thai Nishimatsu’s hands, freeing the owner to focus on its primary business. With Thai Nishimatsu as your designer/builder, your in-house administrative burden is lessened, reducing the time and cost that is allocated in the typical design-bid-construction process.

By combining a project’s design and construction elements into one team, Thai Nishimatsu, as the designer/builder, is capable of

  • providing early pre-construction service,
  • expediting the permit stage,
  • faster mobilization,
  • accelerated construction by overlapping early design and engineering work with procurement and construction services, and
  • obtaining the best prices for long-lead items,
  • economical design

With its flexibility and timesaving, design/build is particularly advantageous to an industry in which new technologies continually come on the market, and new changes may be needed after project start-up. Thai Nishimatsu is a forerunner in the design/build process that has long been the preferred delivery method in Japan. We have been practicing it since our founding, and with our arrival in Thailand fifty two years ago, we have continued to practice design/build for both Japanese and International clients.


Our goal is client satisfaction. To that end we have built an organization-and a reputation-based on quality. We focus on doing the job right, the first time.

Since our arrival in Thailand we have melded the best of Japanese quality control practices with International Construction methods to deliver successful projects. We benefit from shared learning across the globe with our Asian and European counterparts. We also continuously works with customers, consultants and suppliers to find a better way of doing things. This cycle of continuous improvement has led to industry-leading results in terms of efficientcy, quality, speed of construction, cost, waste reduction, the environment and safety.

Thai Nishimatsu’s core competency is our construction capabilities. Throughout our long history we have been praised for our visionary construction projects and our technical insight which we have used on mostly commercial and industrial projects with the same result. We are recognized as a leader in hi-tech related construction projects, yet with strong foundation in traditional construction methods for conventional building projects.

We apply our construction expertise to a board spectrum of construction services.

A project, once undertaken, is constructed with expedition and quality in mind. We have experienced project managers who have the expertise to meet client’ needs with regard to safety, quality and time. Thai Nishimatsu has its own quality procedures, a comprehensive “check-list” of all major types of construction and administrative site works.


We are also concerned about the continuing functionality of a completed project once it has been handed over to the client. For this, we have a team that is quick to respond when maintenance is required.