Company History

In 1962, Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. (Japan) had organized the founding of Thai-Japanese Joint Venture Company in order to comply with condition of tender for the construction of Friendship Highway which starts on the outskirts of Bangkok. This project was operated with financial assistance from the United States of America.

At that time, the establishment of Joint Venture Company must be approved by Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat (Prime Minister) which means that we have to directly approach to the Prime Minister.

At the beginning, the process for company’s establishment was very difficult since we had no clue how to contact the Prime Minister. Fortunately, we were assisted by Khun Phongpao Visuutthiphan who was General Manager Administration for Transportation of Thailand and Mr. Ushiroku, the Secretary General Of Embassy of Japan at that time (later be promoted as an ambassador) and finally, we were able to contact the Prime Minister. In September 1962, Mr. Miyoshi Nishimatsu, the President of Nishimatsu Construction at that moment discussed with the Prime Minister at Government House. In the meeting, Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat (Prime Minister) had understood and foreseen the important of founding the Company “As we have checked and known that your company has competence and enough experience, we then would like you to invest and run your business in Thailand. So your intention investing in Thailand is granted.”

Moreover, Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat (Prime Minister) proposed the name of the company Thai Japan Construction which is good name for reminding of the relation between Thailand and Japan. Therefore, the Company was named in English and Japanese “Thai Japan Construction Co., Ltd.” and 「日泰建設 “Nittai Kensetsu”」respectively. The name has been continually used for more than 20 years until, in 1984, it was changed to “Thai Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. and has been used from then up to the present time.

In 1963, a year after having a conversation with Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat (Prime Minister), the company’s establishment was approved by Japan Government and successfully registered as a company limited in Thailand.

“Thai Nishimatsu Present”

At present, Thai Nishimatsu has been registered as a juristic person in Thailand and has a firmly foundation. Back in 1963, it was the first investment in Thailand as a Japanese General Contractor. At first, our main work was public utility especially the construction of highway but currently we focus on the factory work (both design and construction).

For the business in Thailand, starting with the construction of Highway Saraburi-Nakhon Pathom in 1964 up to this year, we have performed many construction of highway in Thailand such as Saraburi-Lopburi, Roi Et-Yasothon, Uthaithani-Phaholyothin, Sisaket- Kantharalak which is approximately 250 kms in total.

In the late 60’s, many Japanese companies have brought and invested their business in Thailand which gave Thai Nishimatsu’s opportunities to construct many buildings and factories, started with G.S. Steel Co., Ltd. which was the first of their investment in Thailand including the Chemical plants like Mitsubishi Corp.

At that time when Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. was awarded for constructing the underground structures of the MRTA Project in 1997, Thai Nishimatsu Construction, an affiliate of Nishimatsu had participated for the interior decoration of subway station (Thai Cultural Center) in 200 as a sub-contractor.

Thai Nishimatsu current projects are mainly construction of factories for the manufacturing industry. In addition, Thai Nishimatsu has prepared to open a new branch in Myanmar and Laos which currently promoting the opening-up policy to foreign investment.