Corporate Philosophy

Courage, Courtesy, and Justice
̴ An enterprising spirit, a feeling of gratitude, and a righteous attitude ̴

Corporate Philosophy

Providing society with important structures and services using the technologies and experience we have acquired to help establish a sustainable society and environment where people can live with peace of mind.

Code of Conduct

̴ Values consistent with Courage, Courtesy, and Justice ̴

An enterprising spirit

  • As a group of construction specialists, we will hone our skills every day in continual effort to attain a high level of customer satisfaction and build a better society and environment.
  • We will take positive steps to create advanced technologies, attractive workplaces, and safe working environments in an effort to develop the Company’s business and the construction industry.
  • We will always take social and environmental issues seriously in order to build a sustainable world and hand it down to the next generation.

A feeling of gratitude

  • We will respect all people and proactively support the realization of their dreams.
  • We will always consider our stakeholders, respect communications, and forge connections between people through our construction business.
  • We will always thank our community and society, and regularly communicate with them.

A righteous attitude

  • We will always be aware of our corporate social responsibility and conduct our corporate activities with a high level of ethics and transparency.
  • We will respect free and fair economic activities and engage in sound corporate activities from a global perspective to earn the trust of our stakeholders.
  • We will anticipate foreseeable risks and opportunities, keeping an eye on the future in an effort to build our responsive capabilities.

Our thoughts behind the logo

This logo was selected through an internal competition in June 2010 as part of the restructuring of our corporate culture. The theme was "Return to our original Nishimatsu Spirit under the motto 'Courage, Courtesy, and Justice" as a new company. By combining the "flying heart" (a combination of wings and a heart) to express our strong determination to make a significant leap, looking toward people who support our company and the future, we shaped the initial letter 'N' of our company name.