Contribute to development
of sustainable society
and environment where
we can live safely
with peace of mind.

Policy & Objectives

Objectives of CSR Management

—Living and working with society and fulfilling our social responsibilities—

We will repay society's confidence in us by proactively deepening our relationships with stakeholders in order to gain a better understanding of the problems society faces, and fulfill our social responsibilities to help resolve these problems through our corporate activities.

CSR Management Policy

We aim to ensure that all of us follow CSR practices and act with an awareness of all stakeholders in our day-to-day operations. We will conduct our CSR management in accordance with the motto of "respecting all people," in an effort to forge win-win relationships with stakeholders and create a situation in which the Company and its employees can build mutual trust in a free and broad-minded internal environment based on interactive communications.

Five Steps for CSR Management

  1. We will listen to everyone's opinions and create an outstanding living environment to help meet our customers' needs.
  2. We will provide workplaces that allow all who are related to or work for the Company, as well as their family members, to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, and enable employees to take full advantage of their abilities so they can feel proud to work here.
  3. We will recognize societal expectations and demands and take bold action in the spirit of compliance as we responsibly carry out our corporate activities without deviating from societal norms.
  4. We will consider the next generation and take positive steps to create and maintain a better environment in order to facilitate a sustainable society.
  5. We will actively participate in corporate social contribution activities and support individual employees' activities in Japan and overseas by maintaining close communications with local communities.

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