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Vacant positions

Accountant (updated in July 2023)





–  Thai Nationality, Male or Female
–  Age at least 30 years old
–  Graduated in Bachelor Degree in Accounting
–  Working Experience between 5-10 years in AR/AP
–  Good command in English/ computer skills


Job description

At Nishimatsu Construction, specialists from each
relevant field collaborate with each other to support the
"on-site capabilities that create the future."


Engineers are in charge of the overall technological aspects of projects In construction projects, they plan the construction process and conduct quality control based on a detailed understanding of drawings and specifications. They also manage budgets and schedules, collaborate with construction teams on-site, and provide solutions when issues arise. Engineers are required to adapt to technological advancements and changes in projects in addition to keep themselves updated with the latest knowledge at all time. As smooth communication with our collaborating companies and clients is considered important, they are expected to commit themselves to smooth execution of projects.


Designers are responsible for creative elements in projects. They leverage specialized knowledge in architectural design, structural design, interior design, and other areas to develop innovative and functional plans that meet our clients' requirements. They use CAD and BIM (Building Information Modeling) to create detailed drawings and manage project's progress while coordinating with the construction team. At the same time, designers also ensure strict compliance with building standards and regulations, ensuring a safe and efficient construction process. They manage changes in projects flexibly, always balancing design innovation and feasibility, while pursuing quality and visual appeals.


Administrative staff provide support that is vital for the smooth progress of the entire project. In everyday operations, they perform general tasks such as telephone handling, email management, and schedule coordination to facilitate smooth communication both internally and externally. They are responsible for preparing and organizing contracts and reports, managing expenses, and recording financial transactions to ensure rigorous documentation. They also prepare and operate meetings and events, supporting smooth coordination with relevant parties. Strict attention is paid by them to comply with laws and regulations, as well as the handling of confidential information. In times of emergency, a swift response is required, and we strive to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire organization.


Desired individual

Those who have aspirations
to create the future

Individuals with diverse personalities thrive at Thai Nishimatsu Construction. However, our employees collectively inherit the spirit of craftsmanship. All of us contributes to creation of the future with a desire to help others as our company values on-site capabilities. We would like to contribute to development of sustainable society and environment where we can live safely with peace of mind. We are seeking for those who have aspirations to create the future of this kind together with us.