Quality Control

Safety Policy

Follow the Thai Nishimatsu Construction Company’s policy and our president concern about safety of working , worker, staff and sun-contactor of company.

All project’s staff set the policy of safety for this project (The detail show in below)

  1. 01 Safety is everybody’s responsibility.
  2. 02 All working time everybody must concern about staff’s safety, other person who joint with you and company’s asset.
  3. 03 This project care for safety condition.
  4. 04 This project support safety’s activity Ex training , information for increase safety mild to staff and support PPE to everybody.
  5. 05 The higher division of TNC and Sub-contactor must be leader of safety.
  6. 06 Everybody must keeping and cleaning working area.
  7. 07 Everybody must joint safety’s activity and improve them safety mild.

Safety Control

  1. 01 To make the basic planning to control safety.
  2. 02 To nominate in charge person for safety and identify workers.
  3. 03 To make method statements.
  4. 04 To establish and manage the conference between TNC and sub-contractors.
  5. 05 Report and adjustment between each works.
  6. 06 Inspection working area by PM and Safety officer.
  7. 07 Education to workers about jobsite condition before entering and working.
  8. 08 Tool Box Meeting.
  9. 09 Establish the leader conference.
  10. 10 Notice and Information for safety.
  11. 11 To recognize safety contribution publicly.

Safety Cycle of One Day

We adhere to the policies of Thai Nishimatsu Construction and the company management to ensure the safety of our workers, staff and partners.


Certificate and Award on the National Occupational Safety and Health 2015 from Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labor Furthermore, Nishimatsu Construction Company Limited has achieved 9 awards on National Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental and Bangkok Metropolitan revel in its construction site for 3 consecutive years which are;

Three Trophy on the National best Safety, Health and Environmental at work for three consecutive years from H.E. Pol.Lt.Col. Thaksin Shinawatra, Prime Minister ( 2001-2002-2003 ).

Three Plaque Awards on Excellent Operation Site in Safety, Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental at work in Bangkok Metropolitan level for three consecutive years from Ministry of Labour (2001-2002-2003).

Three Honorable Certificate on Zero Accident for three consecutive years as operation site with no serve accident from the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare (2001-2002-2003)

Two Excellent Awards on Environmental Management for its subway construction site from Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand, Chalerm Ratchamongkol Line at Huaykwang Station and Suthisarn Station.

Prestigious Award from Mass rapid Transit Authority of Thailand bestows upon Nishimatsu Construction Company Limited for its cooperation in Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand’s work.