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With our extensive experience and expertise gained in Thailand over the years,
we are committed to our business utilizing our advanced technological capabilities
in areas such as safety, quality,and project timeline management.

Our total power

Service leveraging our extensive experience and expertise gained in Thailand

We aim to enhance customer satisfaction, and in order to achieve this goal, we have established an organization based on quality and trust. Since our entry into Thailand, we have combined Japan's excellent quality control and international construction techniques to execute various projects. We share knowledge with our counterparts in Asia and Europe and consistently deliver projects by collaborating with our customers, consultants, and suppliers. Our commitment to continuous improvement has led to a track record of industry-leading performance in terms of efficiency, quality, construction speed, cost, waste reduction, environment and safety.



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in Thailand


Total Project


With advanced technical expertise,
we solve your challenges.

With meticulous planning and excellent execution, we envision a future that goes beyond. Our team, equipped with extensive experience and expertise, is committed to managing quality and schedules rigorously, ensuring the best outcomes.

Our Service

Meet customers'
needs in 4 areas

  • Design

    We provide environmentally harmonious solutions with the design prowess to enrich people's lives and the way of working.

  • Construction work

    We efficiently advance projects based on stringent quality control and safety measures.

  • Utility Work

    Our experienced specialist team construct facilities tailored to customers' needs, providing high quality and reliability.

  • Maintenance

    We aim to enhance customer satisfaction by providing meticulous post-construction maintenance.

Toward sustainable society

Environment and safety first construction

Through the expansion of our business areas and the evolution of our construction business, we aim to transform into a comprehensive enterprise and provide new values to our stakeholders through our business activities.



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